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Cii Institute Of Logistics Assignments Meaning

(Two Years) Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management

Click here to download the PROSPECTUS AND APPLICATION FORM ( Free)

CII Institute of Logistics (CII-IL) in its objective to enhance the competitiveness of the Indian industry and all key sectors of the economy, has initiated courses in skill development and knowledge enhancement for logistics professionals in India.

As a part of this endeavor, (CII-IL) has been offering a Diploma and PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management through distance learning since 2004.

The PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management is developed in response to views consistently expressed by Industry practitioners in recent years, based on evolving trends in the Industry. Especially, during the last two decades, manufacturing and service industries were preoccupied mainly with firm-level improvement strategies, such as manufacturing resource planning (MRP II), just-in-time (JIT) systems and business process reengineering (BPR). In recent years, however, the need to improve inter-firm communication and coordination along the supply chain has been realized as the new frontier in improving operations management.

Ever-increasing customer demands on product price, quality, variety, lead-time, and the need to pursue mass customization have forced companies to focus attention not only on internal operations, but also on ensuring coordinated response on the part of the entire supply chain, including suppliers and distributors.

The professionals in this domain require decision tools and are scientifically trained to meet the increasing challenge in the market place. Moreover, the demand for such professionals has also gone up. There is a vast population of such professionals who are not able to spare time for formal education in this domain.

Keeping this in mind, (CII-IL) along with Indian Institute of Materials Management as our knowledge partner launched this distance-learning program in 2004. This is a 6 semester program, which can be completed in three years. The program has structured content with case studies, exercises and a well-defined evaluation process. The governance system for this course has a policy committee and an education council to drive value. The representatives are drawn from academia and Industry to ensure that the program provides ample opportunities for learning theoretical and conceptual materials, which are validated with Industry experience.

Career Opportunities

The objective of this program is to develop graduates who intend to assume leadership positions in supply chain management and manufacturing & service operations management, and contribute to the competitiveness of firms operating in the global, dynamic, 21st century marketplace. This course is ideally suited for supervisors, junior level executives and middle level managers.

Course Features

  • 4 semester two years P G Diploma Course
  • Distance Learning Mode supported by E tutorship and Virtual class room sessions
  • Eminent faculty from esteemed Institutions across the country offering the curriculum
  • The Course provides ample opportunities for learning theoretical concepts and practical applications

Graduates or Post Graduates from any stream
and qualifying marks in score card of the entrance examination to be held by CII-IL any national/state level entrance examination for management programs is also accepted.

Click here to download the PROSPECTUS AND APPLICATION FORM ( Free)

For further details please contact

Mrs.M. Kamakshi
Old No:21, New No:33
Velachery Main Road
Near Guru Nanak College
Tel: +91 44 4292 8903/8900
Fax: +91 44 2255 1341
Email : m.kamakshi@cii.in
Mobile Phone: +91 98409 08953


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