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Hrm/300 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment

Human Resources Brochure 2 The Human Resources department of Hancock Manufacturing is dedicated to supporting all aspects of the company, including staff and our customers. The Human Resources department is responsible for ensuring that Hancock Manufacturing complies with all state and federal laws regarding production and employment. We want you to know that you can depend on us, and that we are here for YOU! We have departments dedicated in the areas of recruiting, training, motivating, and retaining Hancock Manufacturing staff. In addition, compensation, benefits, performance management, and evaluation are also handled within the HR department. HR understands the demands of life can be overwhelming at times to say the least. Therefore, we have extensive programs in place to assist with work life balance; including the employee assistance program (EAP). The Human Resources department is always seeking ways to improve and be of greater service to the men and women that make up the Hancock Manufacturing team. This is why our slogan is “ We are here for YOU”! A Look at Technology ,Ethics, Diversity and Globalization at Hancock Technology Information technology has drastically changed how employees communicate within and outside of the organization. Hancock Manufacturing strives on being the most innovative

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY 2 Equal Employment Opportunity This paper has comprehensively covered on the topic of Equal Employment opportunity. It has focused on how laws and U.S Supreme Court decisions affected equal employment opportunity. It has further established the name of the law or Supreme Court Case, the year the law was passed or Supreme Court decision was decided, how it affected human resource management and finally, it has outlined who/what group benefited the most from the outcome. Equal Employment Opportunity is the provision of equal access to jobs, services, and benefits for all prospective employees and current employees in the workplace. The EEO focus at ensuring equitable and fair outcomes in all areas of employment that includes recruitment, selection, supervision, management, and access to information (Burstein, 2011). Law and the U.S Supreme Court have contributed in enforcing laws that promote Equal Employment Opportunity.

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