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Financial Consultant Cover Letter Samples

In many cases your cover letter is the first impression that a hiring manager will have of you. With an increasing number of applicants applying for the same positions, if your cover letter does not leave a strong impression, your resume might not even receive a glance. Therefore, your cover letter should be sharp; to ensure this, there are a few elements that it should include. Review the professional financial advisor cover letter sample and writing tips below to get an idea of a proper cover letter.

Professional Financial Advisor Cover Letter Sample

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Financial Advisor Cover Letter Must-Haves

There are a few must-haves displayed in the professional financial advisor cover letter sample that you should incorporate into your cover letter. First, make it personal by addressing the specific individual, if possible; if not, be sure to include some facts to customize the cover letter to the particular company and position. Do not say the same exact thing as in your resume, but rather use the cover letter to fill in gaps and create a clear and compelling story. Either towards the beginning or end of the letter, or both if possible, create intrigue that will cause the reader to want to review your resume. As you conclude, be sure to provide at least one form of contact for the hiring manager to reach you, in the case your cover letter is separated from your resume; as in the professional financial advisor cover letter sample, it does not need to be a command, but rather share the information in a confident manner.

Best Action Verbs for a Financial Advisor Cover Letter

As shown in the professional financial advisor cover letter sample, you should always be sure to include action verbs to pique the interest of the reader, such as administered, allocated, computed, balanced, determined, developed, managed, reconciled, researched, or analyzed.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Mr. Smith,

As an individual who has been working in the financial industry for several years, I am very interested in your financial advisor opening. I understand the various aspects and duties of the position, and I am confident that my experience has prepared me to fulfil them. I would also love the opportunity to work for such a prestigious company as ABC Enterprise.In my current position as a senior financial analyst, I have researched and analyzed financial patterns, pinpointed and addressed financial issues within the company, and employed key marketing data and economic principles in new financial plans. I have also had the opportunity to work other jobs throughout the course of my career that allowed me to help various individuals of different backgrounds develop strong financial plans. I truly believe that my skills and experience have prepared me for this position. I would love the opportunity to expand my skill set through this opportunity. Please find my resume included in this package. I may be reached by phone: 123-456-7890, or by e-mail: aevans@famail.com. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


John Doe

March 1st, 2013

Chester Woods
Portfolio Helpers, Inc.
1035 Investment Court
San Diego, CA 29637

Dear Mr. Woods: 

I was very excited to see on your website that your company is seeking an experienced Financial Advisor. I have a tremendous respect for your company and reputation in the finance world and would welcome the opportunity to bring my skills and financial expertise to this role.               

After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Moneytown University, I began my career as a financial assistant with A to Z Investors having also completed an internship with their company during school. Within 3 years I was promoted to take over our second largest branch and increased revenue by 30% in 6 months. I have consistently exceeded company goals and attribute this not only to being an expert in the field, but also to providing a personalized experience and understanding individual client goals and needs. I developed and implemented a new outreach program that was adopted by the entire company to maintain more consistent communication with all clients regardless of activity level. In addition, I have developed a client base that is now comprised of 60% referral business.         

I am confident that I can bring these types of initiatives and results to your organization and provide the level of professionalism and knowledge that your customers are accustomed to. I can be reached by phone or email listed above and am happy to answer any questions or provide additional information regarding what I can bring to Portfolio Helpers, Inc. Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you.


Josh Perkins

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