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Essay On Personal Views On Education

Theoretical Perspectives in Education Essay

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Theories provide the foundation for educational practices, and many of them exist. While I consider my personal theory or philosophy of education to be one that is something of an ever-changing conglomerate of ideas, I realize that some of my guiding principals are directly attributed to well a well established theory. Three main theories of education exist: behavioral, constructivist, and cognitive. I find myself ideologically aligned most closely with the constructivist approach, yet for reasons to be explored later in this document, find the theory one that can only offer guidance for my actions as a teacher a portion of the time I am working with students. Constructivism means students don’t just absorb information and understand…show more content…

Dewey and Vygotsky both believed that teachers should act as guides for students, helping students through the learning process to make meaning of their world, though Vygotsky with his zone of proximal development theory was more optimistic than Piaget or Dewey about how much a child’s learning could be helped or encouraged by the social setting of peers and adults (Gallagher). The benefits of constructivism for teachers and learners, in an ideal setting include focusing on students allowing students the time and opportunity to investigate big ideas, and along the way helping them to understand concepts and skills, rather than just memorizing and regurgitating facts or ideas. Constructivism engages students’ natural curiosities to help them find answers to the questions inherent in their minds (Constructivism). Intrinsic motivation would be expected to be high when students are provided the freedom to choose their course of learning and given the time to investigate until questions are answered. The great challenge for constructivism is that the world in which students and teachers interact is not utopian. Students come to class with predetermined ideas about a course, or with personal needs that distract from attention from the classroom experience. Some students are not willing or able to interact with peers due to emotional issues, thus

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My Personal Philosophy on Education

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My Personal Philosophy on Education

One of the questions I was asked most while growing up was, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Little did I know that I would continue to be asked that very same question all the way up to the age of 25. Who could possibly know the answer to that question out of the many possible answers? It seemed like everyone did besides me. I have had so many interests throughout my life, but just couldn't decide what I wanted to do the rest of my life. I have always loved to be around children, whether it be babysitting, teaching, or assisting in Bible School and Sunday School. Many people in my family are teachers, including my mother. They are not just regular teachers who carry that title, but they are teachers who mean something to their students and schools and possess that positive intuition that all students can succeed through hard work and determination. It wasn't until the summer of 2000 that I finally answered the question, that for so long I always dreaded to hear. "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I finally could say, "I want to be a teacher." How wonderful six words can make you feel. It wasn't just finally being able to answer others questions, but the joy of knowing I'm going to be someone who can make a difference in a child's life. Teaching holds an honor that allows me an opportunity to instruct students in hands-on experiences, to develop an atmosphere for learning, and to create a positive influence on the children with whom I am entrusted.

I want to teach elementary aged children. What should be taught in school varies from individual to individual. However, the student's best interest must be kept in mind while planning a curriculum suitable to their needs. I would really like to work with the third and fourth grades, but that could change due to having experiences with the other grade levels. After graduation, I would like to work towards my masters and earn a degree in reading. I feel that reading is the basis for all learning. After receiving my masters, I would still like to continue with my education and be active in teacher supportive groups.

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Through education, not only do children keep learning on a daily basis, but teachers do as well. Opportunities are available to expand a teacher's education. It is through this expansion that teachers, as well as students, are able to adapt to an ever-changing world. This, I believe, is a very positive benefit that many other jobs cannot provide.

As stated by John Dewey, the physical universe is real and fundamental. The existence of change was a constant truth that he associated with the universe. He not only believed in the existence of change, but he welcomed it. The world is filled with many changes every day, of every minute, of every second. Teachers need to embrace these changes and assist students in seeing how these changes affect their lives. I feel it is my job to be a positive influence on a child's life. I choose not to prepare them just for adulthood, but to instill values that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Progressivism is an educational theory that emphasizes that ideas should be tested by experimentation and that learning is rooted in answering questions developed by the learner. I believe that progressivism is an ideal way for students to learn. I feel that when a student has hands on-experiences, they are acquiring a much stronger way of learning as opposed to strictly reading form a textbook. Emphasis should always be put on reading, but in addition to reading from textbooks, they must learn by doing. I feel that when students are more involved with their work, they can acquire a greater sense of stability and motivation with their friends and environment. I want my students to acquire a passionate desire to learn, to always feel that they can never learn too much, and that every day is filled with new experiences to live and learn by. I want to be able to stimulate students' interests by constant hands on group activities or discussions that would keep them involved by including past or present experiences. Through pupil-teacher planning, this will enable students to give some of their own input in ways that influence the direction of the lesson. In that sense, progressivist lessons always involve pupil-teacher planning.

In conclusion, everyone has the right to be educated. While education may not solve all the world's problems, we must intensify our efforts to educate all children. Becoming a teacher allows me the opportunity to instill positive values and discipline for all of my students. I want to carry on the tradition of providing children the education they will need in order to meet the challenge of a constantly changing world. I hope to help them develop lifelong skills such as treat others as you would want to be treated and care about others as you care about yourself. By instilling these two simple concepts, just think how wonderful our changing world would be.

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